Teleport your ads to gain new customers

Use our ad migration tool to easily move your existing campaigns from advertising platforms to Google Ads.


Here are a few ways this tool can help you

Reach new customers

Reach new customers

Show up in front of more people by adding your campaigns to Google Ads.

Save time

Save time

Thanks to automated migration, the whole process takes just a few minutes.

Simple setup

Simple setup

Just upload your campaigns, and the rest will be done for you.

No cost

No cost

Teleport one or more campaigns without any additional costs.

Teleport your ads in a few easy steps

  • Setup


    Start by creating a Google Ads account or using an existing one.

  • Preparation


    Download the advertising campaigns from your current platforms and upload them into Google Ads.

  • Conversion


    Your ads and basic settings will then be transferred, taking into account the specifics of Google Ads.

  • Completion


    Once the process is finished, the advertising campaigns you uploaded will be available in your Google Ads account.

Teleport your ads

Teleport your ads today